Solo Passion

Armik is a daring soloist that everybody loves to see perform. This alchemy of desire and elegance is continued with Armik’s solo live performances. On this brand new live solo recorded track titled, “Solo Passion” Armik’s fine artistry is displayed on this amazing flamenco performance of Siguiriyas (a flamenco falseta) with bursts of arpeggios and tremolos elegantly ending with a bulerias. “Solo Passion” sparkles and modulates with a variety of rhythms like a brilliant passionate flame. It shows at once a boldness and richness of style which is only found in Armik’s most advanced solos.

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Toledo Solo (Live Variation)

Armik continues to romance the fret board with his exceptional live solo performances. His brand new one is Toledo Solo (Live Variation); inspired from the original solo performance on Armik’s FLAMES OF LOVE recording. On this beautiful live version, Armik’s musical secrets reveal themselves with an unforgettable clarity, sensitivity, harmony and melodic beauty that he instills in every note. As a technically accomplished musician he generates tones that are delicate and ethereal, stirring and vivid that stand out as a soloist and as a crucial element in the grand voice of his solo guitar.

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On this powerful solo live performance, Armik tells the story of love, passion and respect that he has for his instrument. This amazing track titled, Guitarrera is inspired from his songs, Isla Del Sol and Una Guitarra. He strums the heartstrings like some mythic master of romance while his guitar serves as a soulful, emotive voice, demonstrating a technique that is both wild and refined.

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Dream Catcher (Solo Variation)

Armik’s artistic storytelling is showcased on this powerful live performance, which is the solo version of the song, Dream Catcher from his ALEGRA recording. As one of today’s most revered & best selling Nuevo Flamenco guitarists, Armik’s guitar virtuosity is the real showcase. His playing is brilliant and pure, absolutely authentic, yet extremely advanced in terms of its melodic and rhythmic shifting. Armik is also known for recording purely improvised solos at the time of recording playing freely on a first take. This is true art representing the artist.

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El Arte De La Guitarra (Live Variation)

This amazing performance by Armik is the live variation of the track, El Arte De La Guitarra from his, ROMANTIC SPANISH GUITAR Vol. 3 recording. As this is a live version of the original song you will hear a difference as Armik freely performs with different improvisations. The multi talented virtuoso is also known for recording purely improvised solos at the time of recording and plays with whatever feelings that come his way on a first take. This is true art representing the artist. Only Armik, being the master guitarist he is, could tell these stories so beautifully and intimately through his guitar’s soul and sound.

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