No. 12 on Billboard’s 2014 Year End New Age Albums Chart.

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ALEGRA is No. 8 on Billboard’s Top Ten New Age Charts for 58 weeks.

Armik unveils his masterpiece, ALEGRA, a brilliant recording. On Alegra, Armik gives 11 great experiences in the main moods of Nuevo Flamenco. He combines his fabulous technical ability with an uncanny compositional intuition to create strong, original material that range from love letters overflowing with passion and intimate detail to delightful, elegant dances that captivate and entertain. On this excellent recording, Armik’s beautiful songs are filled with metaphors of summer nights, ocean breezes and blue skies filled with rainbows. Alegra is a magnificent and exciting musical journey through one of Armik’s richest and most diverse repertoire. As a master of capturing the expressive, dramatic and emotional value of music, Alegra confirms Armik’s place among the top ranking Nuevo Flamenco guitarists of his generation. Read this nice review of Armik’s Alegra from The Smooth Jazz Ride.

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