No. 8 on Billboard’s 2016 Year End New Age Albums Chart.

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ROMANTIC SPANISH GUITAR VOL. 3 has been a top seller on Billboard’s Top Ten New Age chart for 72 weeks.

As one of the most innovative of Nuevo Flamenco guitarists, Armik has lifted the music genre to new heights with his repertoire of chart-topping hits. His exciting guitar virtuosity reveals much about Armik- the artist – and also demonstrates his great skills as a thematic writer of love songs which were included in his two previous volumes titled Romantic Spanish Guitar. Now, in the same concise shades of love that made his first two volumes mega hits with his devoted fans, Romantic Spanish Guitar, Volume 3, is the consummation of a trilogy of great love songs. It is also a wealth of romantic experiences straight from Armik’s heartstrings. His exemplary performances on these songs are not only showcases that expand on the stories he told in Romantic Spanish Guitar, Volumes One and Two, but are based upon the very essence of his Nuevo flamenco guitar virtuosity.

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